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Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

My husband again there is a problem

My husband again there is a problem, can not open their blogs open. This was 2 days she bad-bad and complaining, I'm as special can only support them with more encouragement for me not able to because I know that blogging is just writing to desain he's working on all the work.

problem initially when the morning my husband was there to add a html code in a blog template, exactly what the code I am not sure, after the code in the content of their blogs directly arising errors and error messages until this moment still exists. I see my husband kept complaining here and there tel, email anywhere to get help and they work night and day just googling for info, and the latest info I get from my husband he said there are between 2options 1. wait or 2.mendelete blog forever. Alas I have more sad to see, let alone the second option I wish it happened to my husband. I hope it does not happen... amin

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